R* 04

"Custom Drummer is dance music for introverts.  It's the kind of music I imagine listening to on a brisk fall day with a steady breeze.  As the gusts blow the hair from your face, you find yourself feeling content in your melancholy and steadied by the unflinching rhythms of drum machines and synchronized synthesizer.  Sharp guitar and driving bass occasionally hit you with gale force winds, but a calm falsetto responds to quell your nerves.  It is the truest version of myself.  Well, one of my selves, anyway."

Kevin Wynd, Drum Machines, Lead Vocals
Jesse Heasly, Synthesizer
Jon Nankof, Electric Guitar
Katie McShane, Fretless Bass, Background Vocals

Album Photos By Matt Delligatti
Album Design By K. McShane
Recorded & Mixed by Matt Delligatti in Jamaica Plain, MA in Early 2017

Digital & CD Release  4/04/17

Music Video By Megan McShane